Diatomaceous Earth Skin and Facial Exfoliant

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe on Skin?

If you want to use our Diatomaceous Earth for skin health, no problem, we have the safest and purest grade of DE available in North America, so as long as you are just as careful with the DE around your eyes as any other cosmetic solution, we are sure you will enjoy its beautifying affects care free.

Diatomaceous Earth for Skin

Today, using a diatomaceous earth skin exfoliate is becoming quite popular, in fact more than 150 products that contain it as one of their main ingredients. Food grade diatomaceous earth is frequently used in the cosmetic industry. A perfect facial scrub can be made with it. The scrub is easy, inexpensive and very efficient. Why spend extra on cosmetic products which are also mixed with chemicals and other less beneficial ingredients? DE is safe and quickly you can notice its effects.

Making a facial scrub and a cleanser from food grade diatomaceous earth is quite simple. You simply need to mix it with enough water to make a thick paste. The paste should be applied to the face immediately after it has been prepared. To increase the exfoliating effect, you can rub the mask on your skin with gentle, circular motions.

The fine powder has very gentle abrasive properties, which make it perfect for skin exfoliation. It can be used on its own or mixed with your favorite skin cleanser for the best results.

When applying the facial scrub, refrain from putting the paste in the area around the eyes. The skin there is very gentle and the powerful exfoliant could cause irritation. Leave the diatomaceous mask on for a couple of minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

The diatomaceous earth face exfoliant delivers a number of important benefits. Food grade diatomaceous earth has powerful anti-fungal properties. Additionally, it is a detoxification agent that will leave the skin feeling clean and fresh.

If you want to get an even more beneficial facial exfoliant, you can mix diatomaceous earth with several other products. Make the basic mask by mixing food grade diatomaceous earth with water and add a favorite essential oil to the mix. Alternatively, you can use rose water, honey and milk. Choose the natural ingredients that is right for your skin type and that will either decrease extra oiliness or nourish dry skin.

The best way to know the healing and exfoliating benefits of making a diatomaceous facial mask is to give it a try. You can order our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth online, at a good price and fast shipping.

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