Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs

Using Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs is a breakthrough non-toxic method to completely eliminate bed bugs from your home or apartment. Safe, affordable, and easy to do!

Using Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs

Using diatomaceous earth for bed bugs is easy and totally safe to do yourself.

Diatomaceous Earth, also known as diatomite, is a sedimentary rock very easy to crumble into a fine white powder. It is actually a fossilization of freshwater phytoplankton. Food grade diatomaceous earth is very effective against all kinds of insects. When sprinkled around the environment that bugs live, this powder scratches the insects waxy outer layer, making them defenseless against its effects.

This layer on the insect, called an exoskeleton, is responsible for holding moisture inside the insect. So when this is scratched by the DE, the insect actually dries out and dies. This dehydration process is deadly every time, and always effective (the pests cannot develop immunity). DE also has a tendency not just to lacerate the exoskeleton of the bed bugs, but also stick to them and begin drawing out their fluids, absorbing from the outside. This is the key factor, slowly the bugs die off because they can’t function anymore.

How to use DE for Bed Bugs

Simply sprinkle or brush the DE into all the cracks and crevices where you have found evidence of bed bugs (by shells, live, or droppings). You can even use something like a salt shaker or where a tin rubber glove if you find handling the DE makes your hands feel too dry.

You can also put DE in the seams of your mattress, and remember you don’t need a lot because there are so many million particles of DE that disperse when it is spread. In fact dusting most or all of your bed area is a sure shot (please don’t be excessive because it will only be more of a mess than necessary.

The idea is that you want to create boundaries where the bed bugs will walk across or over them, collecting the DE particles over the legs and exoskeleton. Remember that we are eliminating a parasite, so this means you must create a boundary for any pathway the bugs can reach you. If you have wooden or metal bed posts, this is where they can climb up. Pull your bed away from the wall and create a thin layer so that any way they come to the bed they will walk over the DE dust.

If a bedbug is in direct contact with our DE, it will die in about 8-12 hours. With that said, please note that this is a non-toxic method to remove bed bugs, which means the bugs are dehydrated over a few days time. Then you must keep the powder present for a few weeks time (at least in the major areas of infestation) in order to wipe out any new offspring that come about from any previously laid eggs.

Bed bugs can become very thin and hide in small cracks or other, please be diligent to keep a tidy environment and it will be a very helpful tool to give the pests less places to hide. We know that having bed bugs can be an awful experience, but please have confidence that our DE will eliminate them from your home or apartment without harming yourself, your pets, or your family.

Is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Safe?

As diatomaceous is lethal for insects, it is completely safe for people and pets. There is absolutely no toxic effect when ingesting it and in fact, we probably consume it almost daily through other foods.

Frequently, people wonder if the powder is not healthy to inhale because of the microscopic sharpness of the diatoms. It’s true that the appearance is like a tiny microscopic shard, and this is what makes it an effective pesticide. Inhaling food grade diatomaceous earth is obviously a bad idea, but if you simply put in the effort to avoid it and be mindful, this is more than enough to ensure safety. There are reported cases of respiratory illness only for non-food grade DE, what we carry (pure food grade) is perfectly safe.

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